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Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3) - Suzanne  Collins Symbolic five stars* because the people giving it a reactionary one star don't, in general, seem to have any concept of what Collins is trying to say with this book, which is decidedly more complex than the kind of Capitol Bad!/Katniss Good! dichotomy-Team Peeta/Team Gale Resolution some were apparently expecting. More later, maybe. I'm review lazy lately.*OK enough time has passed to let got of my symbolic rating gesture. Especially since I am clearly not going to expound upon my reasons for it with an actual review, and I really just thought the book was pretty good. It's probably more like a 3.5 but I'll give her points for revealing the balls I accused her of lacking (gross?) in my Ship Breaker review. Sorry I said you didn't have literary balls, Suzanne.