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Revisions of Goodloe Byron

Revisions of Goodloe Byron - Goodloe Byron First I was all, yay! I won a book through First Reads! Then I was all, oh no! It's self-published and being sent to me direct by the author, so it is probably a bad book, and a poorly constructed one at that! Then I was like weird! The package came and the book actually looks really, really nice, with a great cover, a readable layout, good quality paper, illustrations even! Then I was all wuh? According to the intro, I won this book because the author, who again, self published it, only gives his books away for free, to the tune of more than 20,000 copies of them to date! Then I was all, this kind of makes winning a copy a bit less novel!Now I have to read it. Thanks for the free book, Goodloe. You have very nice handwriting. ------------Never mind. I read the first two chapters and it's not really my thing. It's still very pretty though. And in the Goodloe spirit, I'm giving away my copy on Goodreads Swap. I think he'd appreciate it.