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Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen This is the first Jane Austen I've read. I picked it because it's short, it was available in email installments from dailylit.com, and I'd read a review here on goodreads that suggested it was basically a 19th-century cross between chick lit and Mean Girls.I actually... really liked it. It's only very slightly boring, which is a huge compliment, considering I've often found reading anything written before, oh, 1900 to be an awful chore. And it's actually surprisingly funny. Not anything to laugh at, but sort of lightly amusing in that refined British way, reliant on the florid, over-written protestations and imaginings of the heroine, Catherine.Catherine is every bit the teenager, and spends the first half of the book over-analyzing every social situation and perceived slight she encounters while on holiday in Bath, and then, while visiting friends who live in the titular abbey, imagining horrid Gothic mysteries behind every innocuous piece of furniture in her guest room.Yeah, there's also some romance, and more than a few dull scenes of balls and dancing, but even then, it's all filtered through Cath, and it's amusing to watch her try to remain polite as she is courted by an insufferable douche like James Thorpe. It still isn't quite what I'd consider "fun" reading, but it's surprisingly close. Weird.