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Borrowers - Day 17 of my Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge asks me to list the shortest book I've read, so here it is. I almost went with the Hobbit, but then I remembered The Borrowers. This is a book about a family of tiny people who live under the floorboards of a normal human home, surviving by pilfering stuff from the giants who inhabit it. I'd guess they are a few inches tall, so that's pretty short.Certainly they weren't looking for the shortest book I have read in terms of number of pages, right? Because that is an asinine question. I haven't read this book in, oh, 20 years, but it used to be a favorite. I always liked the idea of getting a totally new point of view on what would otherwise be very normal surroundings, and Mary Norton (who wisely spun this into a series, not that I read any of the sequels) thinks of a lot of creative uses for the household detritus the family of Borrowers uses to furnish their home -- bottlecaps become serving trays, scrap paper becomes wallpaper. They are the original freegans! (Unless you count hobos.) I think these details are what appealed to me as a child, as the story is otherwise what you would expect: the Borrowers live in fear of humans until one plucky girl is accidentally seen by a sad young boy, who doesn't turn out to be so bad.Maybe it was because I was a small person, but I always liked stories of tiny creatures in very big places: A Cricket in Times Square, The Mouse and The Motorcycle, pretty much any cartoon with chipmunks in it (though here I am thinking "Chip 'n Dale" more than "Alvin and the..." Plus I just figured out that Rescue Rangers basically lifted its production design from this book).Anyway, that it. The shortest book I have read. What a stupid freaking question. Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 17: Shortest book you have read.