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Under the Poppy - Kathe Koja Please enjoy the second installment in the new series, Stefon on Literature. Take it away, Stefon!It's the 1870s, and Brussells' hottest brothel is Under the Poppy. Club owners Decca and Rupert have though of everything: opium-addicted whores on swings, rent boys in costume, mute piano players, unrequited gay love, horny Gepettos...I'm sorry, Stefon, horny Gepettos?You know that thing where a master puppeteer uses his skills to create puppets so lifelike that a prostitute can't tell they aren't human even when one of them is fisting her?No, Stefon, I don't believe that's a thing.Well it is, Seth Meyers. Under the Poppy mastermind Kathe Koja has crammed everything into this 360 page space: suspicious army men, neck murders, multiple point-of-view characters contrasted with omniscient POV. But I like things tight, Seth Myers, and Under the Poppy is not tight. It is very pretty and enjoyable at the beginning, but it gets looser and more boring as you go along, like a McDonald's Shake Ass.Wait, Stefon, McDonald's Shake Ass?You know that thing where you keep taking the straw out of your McDonald's shake cup to lick it and eventually the opening in the plastic gets all big? It's that but instead of a shake...Stefon, that is definitely not a thing.Oh Seth, I could teach you so many things.