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The Human Division #5: Tales From the Clarke

The Human Division #5: Tales From the Clarke - John Scalzi So far, I like the "narrative" chapters a lot more than the "experimental" chapters, which might mean either A) this "novel in episodes" told across 13 weeks isn't for me, or B) I am not really down with the way Scalzi is executing on it. Judging by my past experience with his books that aren't fairly straight space thrillers (i.e. the ones with fart jokes... ok, the ones with more fart jokes), it is probably the latter, but I am still in for, the, what, 20 to 30 minutes a week they take to get through, if only for the sake of novelty.(3 stars for this one means it was a narrative chapter, by the way... it was interesting, but let's not go nuts.)