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The Whole Shebang! - Rob Schrab, Mondy Carter Holy crap. This might be the coolest comic book ever created. If I had read it at age 14, I think my head would have exploded.Here is a list of cool things in this book:- Robot assassins (obv.)- Robot assassins dressed in gangster tuxes - Robot assassins that look like Go-Bots (I need to stop listing all the cool robots)- Zombie dinosaurs- Zombie zoo animals- Voo-doo Ben Franklin, leader of a zombie army (see above)- Thug with dog for a head (an entire dog)- Giraffe that shoots lasers- Robot Satan- Angels revolting against God via robot assassins- Two guns at once- Four guns at once- Gun that shoots ravenous piranhas- Space werewolf- Intergalactic rocking horse- Woman/robot sex- Low-gravity drag race- Sentient bull with chainsaw horns- Gateway to hell, opened via modem and blood sacrifice- Fun sound effects ("Grab!" "Steal!" "Kick!" "Dead!" "Gross!")- SwearingThere are some not cool things too, like occasionally it meanders episodically and the story kind of wobbles in the end, but I really like the zombie dinosaurs, so I am giving it 5 stars.