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Charmed Life  - Tim Jones, Diana Wynne Jones Sibling rivalry can feel like life or death when you are a kid. I mean, probably. I have an older brother* but I think the roughest thing that ever went down between us was maybe at ages 4 and 6 when he kept all the toys at one end of the bathtub. We've never had a physical fight. I don't see one in the offing, since we're both pushing/well past 30, agree on everything (well, not politics, but the important stuff like the Star Wars prequels suck and Mario games are the best, plus he lets me borrow his DVDs). And besides, we are still united against my dad. (Hi, dad, who reads my book reviews! Look at my joke.)Google turns up some really crappy stock photography when you search "sibling rivalry." Look at these twerps; can't you just taste the hatred? Kids, stop hugging and smiling and come eat!Better:My girlfriend on the other hand has two younger brothers, and from what she's told me, it's only mere chance that she has never appeared on one of those shows about child psychopaths (in her defense, they sound like little beasts). Anyway, the point is that if you have a pair of children who fight a lot, it's probably best not to let the younger one get anywhere near this book, because it will only confirm his suspicions that, yes, his older sister really is a sociopathic witch trying to murder him as part of a grand scheme to be named queen of the world. No, literally.* In the interest of full disclosure, I also have a much older half-sister, but I don't think she's trying to steal my magic.