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The Neverending Story - Michael Ende I think the last time I read this (when I was about 10), I stopped when I got to the end of the movie's plot, which is about halfway through. That makes sense, because all the thematic stuff is in part two, and it's fascinating and fairly complex, and I think I would have found it boring and confusing as a fifth grader, because I don't know if that's quite the right time for a deconstruction of the hero myth and a fable about the perils of power and leadership.But... that's all really good stuff, and served in an inventive fantasy wrapper. There are a lot of good bits that didn't make it to the screen (at least in the first movie -- my vague memories of the sequel include some of the second-half stuff, but I was disgusted by that one in the theater in 199X and I'm not about to watch it again (though my wife might want to, since she had a huge crush on Jonathan Brandis (RIP))). I like the giant spider that is actually made up of a mass of swarming flies. Or the forest that sprouts up every day, only to crumble each night into a multi-colored desert. Or the trippy ending that involves a journey inside a mystical ouroboros. The movie also lacks the book's often stilted translation (the Childlike Empress's nickname is "the Golden-eyed Commander of Wishes," which sounds like a menu item at a Chinese restaurant). The movie is actually an excellent adaptation of the first half, except for a bit of condensing and switching things up to provide more action sequences (Gmork is even more of an afterthought on the page, and pretty much there simply to deliver confusing exposition that I don't understand, and not even a lame action sequence or death-by-falling-on-a-ten-year-old). There are mild changes -- like Atreyu has green skin but is still pretty enough to sexually confuse young children