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A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5) - George R.R. Martin Did any of you guys watch Lost? Remember how you'd be watching a totally banal episode, and you're like "Oh, interesting, everyone is mad at Hurley for eating ranch dressing right out of the tub, that's, gee, that's compelling, hey now do more scenes of Jack and Kate re-establishing readily apparent character conflicts and interrelationships, zzz." But then at the end of the episode, something totally crazy would happen, and you'd be all "OMG IS VINCENT THE SMOKE MONSTER?" and the music would go bbbbaaaaarrrRRRRRRRAAAANNNN DUMMMMM [cut to black]? Then you would have the following conversation:- Wow, did you see Lost last night? It was crazy!- Yeah? I missed it, what happened?- Well, most of it wasn't that exciting unless you are really into the characters over the mysteries... but the ending was cool! I can't wait to see what happens next.- Eh, I'll wait for the DVDs.I am not saying there was no joy to be had in following the show from week to week, mind you. I loved the intricate, gradual development of the characters and their histories (even if Kate was really lame, bouncing between the boys, there was always twisted anti-hero Ben Linus). I went nuts for the ever-more-elaborate mythology. And who doesn't like a climactic monster attack or a shocking character death? It almost didn't even matter how good a particular episode was, because it just gave you another chance to hang out in a story you loved, that fired your imagination. Even waiting for the next season was fun, to a point -- it gave you time to speculate about the plot in a way that you'd never bother to do if you could just pop in the next DVD. Too bad it had the lamest climax and denouement ever. Hope that doesn't happen to any other long-running shows I like.