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Fallen Heroes - Dafydd ab Hugh I went through a brief, regrettable phase in middle school during which I purchased many Star Trek novels (and many, many Star Wars novels). Most of them were pretty bad, or I never got around to reading them. This one, though, is pretty awesome, even if you never really watched Deep Space Nine, which I hadn't (and still haven't, except for maybe half a season on DVD).The genre property tie-in novel is a weird thing. It gives the fan more of what they want, right? More of Luke Skywalker or Captain Picard of Sydney Bristow or Buffy. I certainly read enough of them, but they never really gave me what I wanted. Kibitz all you will about what is canon and what isn't, a tie-in novel is never real in my brain the same way the TV show is real in my brain. It's like methadone, stringing you along until the next fix -- movie, season, episode, whatever. Buffy Season 8 is not more Buffy, whoever is writing it (and thank goodness, because that shit makes season seven look like The Wire).I'm basing all of this on vague memory, because I don't have the patience for this stuff any more, just like I don't have an interest in pretty much any episodic mystery-of-the-week type book series. I read about four Stephanie Plum books in high school for some reason (my friend Julie). I was at Target today and noticed that 13 books later, Stephanie still hasn't quite made up her mind about with guy she likes (there are even stickers in the back that say, basically, Team Edward and Team Jacob, except they are for Team Stephanie Plum Characters Whose Names I Don't Want to Admit I Totally Still Remember). Is that interesting to people? (Julie? Lady I work with who, every time I say "oh, what are you reading?" holds up a book with a big cartoon number on the cover?)I don't have any complaints about this here Deep Space Nine book though. Fast-paced, thrilling story, fun with time travel, and EVERYONE DIES! It's pretty badass. I even bought a copy on audiobook somewhere, but alas, I no longer own a tape player so it is trapped on the cassette. Sad, really.Am I really embarrassed that I like this book? Kind of. Not really. Even then, I knew there were better books out there, though, and I probably wouldn't want to admit how many hours I have spent poring over the details of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Did you know Han and Leia got married, and then had three kids, and they all became Jedi, and then eventually one became basically the next Darth Vader, and I think was killed by the other twin? I didn't even read most of those books, but for some reason I still know about them. Old habits. And wikipedia.Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 18: Book you're most embarrassed to say you like.EDIT: I just stumbled across the (former, hasn't published in 15 years) author's blog and read his post about New York legalizing gay marriage and now I'm really embarrassed to say I like this book. So, good choice, me.