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The Bone Palace - I didn't finish this book. I just want to point that out up top.Prior to this year, I hadn't read a great deal of fantasy, and I think I am still getting my feet wet to some degree. Practically every series I read about has passionate defenders that insist it does things differently/subverts cliché/breaks new ground/provides a fresh take on old tropes. And suddenly, my to-read shelves are bulging.But then I read the books, and they feel old hat, despite intriguing elements. In the case of The Bone Palace, the novel idea of a transgendered assassin is quickly undone by some vampiric villains (snore). The dirty city setting is sketchily drawn and rather uninspiring (but it appears the sewers rival those of Paris, if the first 200 pages are any indication).I don't really think this is a bad book -- I even liked some of what I read -- but it didn't engage me at all. Starting a new fantasy series obviously always involves some heavy lifting, and this one didn't give me the motivation to struggle through. Ah well.And I can't even blame the fact that I read it for a book club, since I was the one who nominated. Write a blog post telling me your fantasy or sci-fi book involves some interesting gender/queer theory, and I will probably read it. Give it awesome cover art, I might even buy it!Apparently, though, I can't promise I will finish it.