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Disneywar - James B. Stewart I'm sure it comes as no surprise that even a quote family-friendly unquote company like Disney has a sordid underbelly. What mega-corporation these days doesn't (just a tip, if you enjoy Diet Coke, I wouldn't google their international business practices too hard; it's not pretty).Disneywar isn't quite that kind of book -- we're not traveling into the sweatshops where orphans with bleeding fingers sew buttons on Mickey's overalls -- but it does air a lot of dirty laundry about the 20-year period in which Michael Eisner took the company from an also-ran in danger of being sold off to the mega-conglomerate we know and love, before his ever-growing ego and focus on the bottom line began to erode the brand and drive Disney animation into the dirt. I found all of the details immensely entertaining. If you have a favorite Disney movie from that era, it is probably discussed here in detail, from Little Mermaid and The Lion King to massive pirate movie failures like Treasure Planet and pirate movie successes like those Johnny Depp flicks. The scope is impressive (note the page count -- I listened to the audiobook and it was something like 25 hours), covering boardroom coups, theme park development, merchandizing snafus, the battle for Pixar (Eisner's downfall!) and the rise, fall and rise of the ABC network [they hit big and then overexposed Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and passed on a chance at Survivor (whoops!)].Unfortunately a lot of it is probably a bit out of date by now -- I read it in 2006 when Eisner's walk of shame away from the board of directors (kicked out through the efforts of no less than Roy Disney himself) was still pretty fresh -- but if you like movie industry gossip, it's fascinating stuff.Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 26: Favorite non-fiction book.