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Cappello da donna

Women's Hats (Il cappello da donna) - Editrice Be-Ma WARNING! THE FOLLOWING REVIEW CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGERY AND MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN!Oh, look at you, all covered in bows. Yeah. Yeah, I like that. Cover yourself all up in bows.Oh yeah. Cover yourself all up in feathers too, yeah. Your brim is so wide. So, so wide and felt-covered.Mmmmm you're all ready for the sun, aren't you? That mesh crown looks like it would keep me sooooo cool in the breeze, yeah. So fresh and cool.You are so lacy and naughty. I like that.Look at you, ruby red 'n juicy... the flower says "I'm fancy" but the lacy veil tells the truth. Mmmmm yeah.Look at that shimmer on you, baby, you practically look wet and dripping.And you, yeah, you, baby, you look like you ready to ride!Girl you freaky, and I like it.Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 19: Book that turned you on.