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Just Plain Cat (R) - Nancy K. Robinson This little book is certainly one of the first "chapter books" I ever read. I think I picked it up because the kitten on the cover looked like my kitten, Sniggles (r.i.p.), who I got in second grade. But all I really remember about it, aside from the scene depicted on the cover (the kitten walks across and ruins freshly varnished floors, and I had absolutely no idea what varnish was), is when the little boy protagonist is telling his dad how much the cat must love him, because it wants to snuggle with him and nuzzle into his chest, and dad says that the kitten only likes him because of "the 98.6," i.e. the kid's body heat. So basically, the dad is telling his impressionable, delicate son (I mean, come on, it isn't the tough kids who are good at sports cooing over their kittens) that his cat is basically just using him at night because no one has warmed up the TV for it. What an asshole.For years, this made me doubt the affection of the many cats I have owned*. Stupid book.* at least until I got my current cat, Smoochy, who is freakishly affectionate and is only truly happy when he gets to sleep on the same pillow as my head.Wow, that is not necessarily a flattering angle.Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 15: First “chapter book” you can remember reading as a child.