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The Golden Compass  - Philip Pullman I really liked this book! I think it is easily among the best of the crop of Potter-era YA lit (even though it actually came out first!).The movie was just ok. I thought the lead kid did a good job playing Lyra, and Nicole Kidman made a very menacing Ann Coulter. But my very favorites were Daniel Craig as the zealot Lord Asriel and Eva Green as badass witch Serafina Pekkala. Serafina Pekkala is one of my favorite witches in literature: she's grounded in her connection to the earth, she's beautiful, she doesn't have to hover over the cauldron all day to perform her magic, she's immortal (more or less), she can fly and she has awesome archery skills. She is also tragically romantic, because she is cursed with watching the man she loves die, because he's mortal. Pathos! But I think that is in the second book.Speaking of which, I will say I did NOT like the second movie. It made no sense and did not follow the book at all! For one thing, they changed the name, which I do not get. Maybe it was the British name? (The first book/movie is called Northern Lights over there.) But I don't remember any casinos in the second book. And not only do they have Serafina and Asriel dressed all wrong, they have them get together!!! That does NOT happen in the books. And then Serafina DIES?! Also Lyra isn't even in it, hello?Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 14: Book whose main character you want to marry. (Um, Serafina. Not Asriel. Just to be clear.)