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Stuff White People Like - Christian Lander Hey Brian, Do you guys want play Cranium tomorrow night? Otherwise you could come over at like 10:30 and we could go to the farmer's market. I have been trying to buy local and it is actually the cheapest place to get organic apples. Anyway, you guys could come if you want. There is a new brunch place I want to try. You could also go to the thrift store with us. We want to get tacky wedding decorations.OMG, have you ever seen that movie Flirting? We watched it last night on Netflix streaming during dinner (we had these new veggie burgers from Whole Foods, and put hummus on them... awesome). Like every famous Australian actress is in it. So like Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts. Oh and Thandie Newton. Is she famous? It has an awesome soundtrack and is basically like Rushmore in 1960's Australia. Speaking of which, did I tell you that we wanted to go to Australia after the wedding? It's technically a "honeymoon" but I hate that word. But the flights are sooo expensive. It is like $1,400 to go to Paris, so we might as well pay $1,800 to go to New Zealand. We totally got spoiled with those $550 tickets to Japan (I would so go back there). So instead we are going to Montreal and Quebec City for a few days, and then my friend Alex has offered her apartment in Manhattan for ten days, free. The only bad part is if I go there for that long I'll want to move there. I wish I could get a job for a non-profit in NYC and it would somehow pay enough and I wouldn't have to mumble "real estate PR" when people ask what my job is. Either that or I could get my MLIS. I want to live somewhere I don't need my car.It seems weird to me that poor people can afford to live in New York. It seems like it would be tough to live there making $45,000, let alone minimum wage. Speaking of which, did you hear that idiotic thing I posted on Facebook about what Michele Bachmann said about abolishing minimum wage? Good lord. Every time one of the candidates speaks, I feel like I am reading The Onion. Dear Mitt Romney, you are not "looking for a job" like the rest of the umemployed if you own more houses than you can remember at a moment's notice. Seriously, if Obama isn't re-elected, this time I am totally moving to Canada. I mean, it isn't like there will be universal healthcare in the U.S. any time soon. We could live in Montreal and I could start French lessons again.God I wish I had lived on the Rome campus in college. Or I had gone to South America like Donna. OK I will call you tomorrow. We are going to finish this movie and then watch Arrested Development. See you.- JoelFacebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 12: Book that is most like your life.