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Promoted to Wife? (Silhouette Desire)

Promoted to Wife? - Paula Roe Oy, Emily!April 28, 2011Emily Prescott is a professional life coach with a degree from Queensland University. She is also the wife of billionaire real estate and technology magnate Zac Prescott. Write to Oy, Emily! at louboutinsandsweatpants@lifecoachpro.com.au.Oy, all of you readers out there. It has been a very busy week for me -- Zac has been running all over Sydney, visiting his condominium projects. Let me tell you, I could do without all these reporters asking us about empty residences and properties in receivership. As head of PR for the company and Zac's personal life coach, I can assure you that we will emerge from these tough economic times stronger than ever. In the meantime, on to your questions!Oy, Emily!Desperately needing your help, mate. I have been at my job for just over two years now. I am always competent and professional at work and I do very well with all of my projects. My supervisor always gives me fine marks in my quarterly reviews. But I can't seem to get ahead! A girl who was hired just six months ago was recently promoted into the job I wanted. Now, she has a college degree and I don't, but I think my performance more than makes up for that. What can I do?Always Coming SecondDear Always,This letter sounds like one big ball of defeat to me. If you want that promotion, you have to go after it. Make sure that you are getting the right kind of attention for the work you are doing. I would start off by suggesting that you get a job as the assistant to the CEO of your company. That way, you know you'll have his eye, even if you aren't a flashy tart like the rest of his girlfriends. You don't want to be the office slag (ladies, please, you need to be professionals in the workplace), but I would also suggest following the "Three Gees," as I call them: Great shoes, Good clothes, and Glasses -- chuck 'em. Follow these steps and in a few months, you'll be receiving promotions you aren't even qualified for, maybe even be running your own business and flush with investor capital. And the best part is, you'll still have your integrity.Oy, Emily!I am in tears as I write this. I am being sexually harassed at work. I found out that there is a betting pool wagering that I am going to be the boss's next sexual conquest. This is really troubling to me, because I have always striven to keep my work life and my personal life totally separate. I don't want to quit, but I can't take being viewed as the office sex object. It isn't just the men, either -- the women are at it too. Anguished AdminDear AA,That is a tough one. As women, we all face the challenge of being assertive while climbing the corporate ladder, while all the while people assume we are just sleeping our way to the top. This really gets my dander up, so here is what I suggest: make a pro and con list. Write all the good things about your job under "pro" and all the bad parts under "con." Oy, Emily!My marriage is at a crossroads. There's no polite way to say this: my husband and I aren't sexually compatible. We love each other, but there is just no spark in our sex life. We started off rocky in the bedroom but were so in love, I think we just assumed things would improve. After three years together, we are down to having sex a few times a month, and despite his best efforts, I am almost never satisfied, if you know what I mean. Because of this, I resent him, even though I try not to, and it just makes him avoid intimacy. I love him, but I am seriously considering going outside our marriage.No ODear No O,You have really stumped me with this one! I think there is something wrong with you. Have you gone to a doctor? In my experience, as long as your hubby has working equipment (the best way to check is to brush past him in the hall -- his groin should begin to swell immediately), you should both be having orgasms simultaneously every time you are together. I would suggest going cold turkey until you can see someone about this issue.Have you tried taking off your glasses?Oy, Emily!I am so embarrassed. I am in deep financial trouble. My credit cards are through the roof, my school loans are past due, and I am barely making rent. Where can I go to get my finances straightened out? I am a nervous wreck at work.Sad KangarooDear Sad,Don't worry yourself. Just tell your boss and he will pay off your debts for you... if he hasn't already! You have your pride, but wouldn't you rather pay him back instead of the bank? Then, you should go back to Uni and make a plan to start your own business. I know, you don't have any money, but if you just call up a few billionaires and explain your idea, one of them is bound to write you a blank check. If all else fails, you can marry up the foodchain (don't worry, you aren't a whore, just a capable businesswoman). Soon you might be answering your own advice letters!That's it for this week. Until next time, remember: life is what you make it!