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The Wave - Morton Rhue, Todd Strasser I read this book while on a family trip to Washington, D.C., shortly after visiting the Holocaust museum (which is, in fact, where my mom bought it -- in the gift shop -- and is it weird that the Holocaust museum has a gift shop? Even if the proceeds go to the museum?).Perhaps that wasn't the best time to pick up a book that seeks to grossly oversimplify how fascism can slowly creep up and overtake a society of otherwise well-meaning people, but what with the blatant metaphors and bad, bad dialogue, I could never shake the impression that I was reading an after school special.Then I read the back and discovered it WAS a novelization of an after school special, and all was made clear, but I still thought it was a pretty annoying book. More something to read to introduce the concept to children than enjoy as an adult -- good ideas, but terrible, terrible writing, characterization, everything.