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hector - K.I. Hope There's only one way to see M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense, and that's in a packed theater on opening night, Aug. 2, 1999, before anyone has had a chance to smugly tell you how they totally knew the end, omg! it was so obvious! Because that's how I saw it and the ending pretty much floored me, gave a richer depth and texture to everything that came before, helped me rationalize some of the moments that hadn't quite theretofore added up. As a director, Shyamalan gets a lot of flack for relying too much on his endings, but I don't think that's fair when talking about this movie, which is clearly his best unless you are a superhero apologist willing to overlook all the clumsy parts of Unbreakable (I almost am). Because sometimes a twist ending is more than a trick, but a refocusing, a redefinition, an elevation.