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The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee - Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman knows how to write a good joke. She does not so much know how to write a good book. As a consequence, The Bedwetter is for the most part very funny, but it doesn't really do any of that good memoir stuff like tell about how she lived in devastating poverty in Ireland and was forced to spend her days rummaging for coal to sell so her siblings would have enough to eat before they all died of typhoid fever, or reveal that her monumentally irresponsible and unstable parents kept uprooting their family when the creditors came calling before they eventually settled in a shack in the Ozarks and had to pee in a bucket in the kitchen, or allege that her father injected her with cocaine and had sex with her throughout her childhood (though to be fair, Sarah does lament that last one).No, pretty much it just explains that she was a late bloomer and a chronic bedwetter, and her coping mechanism in the face of acute and laser-focused teasing was to develop a filthy sense of humor that would make a prison rapist blush. Then for roughly the next 200 pages, it offers up randomly grouped anecdotes about her life, her career, her friends and her TV show with no rhyme or reason (well, sometimes they rhyme, like the song lyric "there's a dream in your head/ that will never come true/ there's a stickiness all over/ and it didn't come from you"). She talks about her philosophy of comedy but doesn't get into her personal life too much. Unless of course you count her deeply personal recitations of various sex acts. But she doesn't count those. Obviously. So I won't either.It's pretty entertaining but it isn't really a book so much as book-length, which I suppose Sarah goes ahead and admits in her "Mid-Word" (as opposed to the forward and afterword), which lists all the things she would do to get out of actually writing the book (online shopping, googling herself, falling into a deep post-googling nap, [expletive deleted], [body function deleted]. [onanism deleted]). Then she pads it out some more by putting in some pictures of penises.So, it's pretty much what you'd expect if you saw Jesus is Magic.