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Spike: After the Fall - Franco Urru, Brian Lynch In case you were wondering after reading my review of this other Angel comic (note: you were not wondering), I experienced library-associated intrigue via-à-vis the Angel: After the Fall comic series. The exciting continuation of that story is, I really wanted to start with volume 1 of the Angel series, but when I requested it through intra-library loan, I was sent Spike: After the Fall, which is actually a spin-off ARGH CAN I NEVER WIN?! (I learned recently that there is a proper punctuation mark for "?!" which is basically a scrunched, bolded question mark, which no one really knows and thus it's probably pretty useless, but the best part is, it is called an "interrobang" which I think we can all agree is an excellent name for a band).But yes! I can win! Because despite being a spin-off, S:ATF actually (once again!) takes place chronologically BEFORE volume 1 of the stupid series I have been repeatedly trying and failing to actually read! Hooray! So, the actual comic: it's ok. Do you like Spike? This book is all about him. I like Spike, but more during seaons 2-5 of Buffy, before he kind of became a pansy. But there's some good dialogue and some action and a dragon! 3 stars.Except now I can't put the actual volume 1 on reserve from another library because the system thinks I already have it checked out, and if I return this one and try to reserve it again, they'll just give me this because it's from my home library! Life is shit. Oh, what's that you say? Illegal internet downloads? No, I can't do that. Why? Because it's wrong.**Haha I just made a super-nerdy reference to the show and you didn't even know.****I will send $5 to anyone who actually bothered to read this drivel.******No I won't.