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Double Indemnity - James M. Cain This is one of those books that wound up the victim of its own success. That is to say, I've seen the Billy Wilder movie, and I thought it was better -- it certainly had a much better ending anyway; this one is melodramatic to the point of being nonsensical -- and I also saw Body Heat, which is basically the same story except everything is more sexy and violent and there's a lot of that nudity you only find in movies from the '80s, and also it was filmed during the brief window of time when Kathleen Turner did not look like someone's older mom (she only made it to about 35*). It also has a cooler ending, because it didn't have to follow the Hayes Code, and who wants to see evil punished every single time? Evil almost never gets punished in the real world. But it's a good read and exactly the right length. It takes about 90 minutes to read and I don't think I could put up with the hard-boiled dialogue or matter-of-fact narration for much longer. Sort of how those noir holodeck episodes of Star Trek: TNG were only amusing until the first commercial break, and then you'd despair at the fact that yes, they were going to be on the holodeck all episode, and yes, Data was going to keep talking like that.*I just read that this is because crippling chronic pain led her to abuse alcohol. I did not know that, and it is unfortunate. Nevertheless, it was a very rapid change in appearance.