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The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Thing Beneath the Bed - Patrick Rothfuss, Nate  Taylor Remember how the Calvin and Hobbes anthologies would start off with some elaborate, full-color artsy extended bit of weirdness from Bill Watterson? My favorite was "A Naseous Nocture," an long poem about something creepy under the bed in the closet, with lines like this: "In the morning, they’ll come in/And say, 'what was that awful din/We heard last night? You kept us both from sleep!' Only then will they surmise/The gruesomeness of my demise/And see that my remains are in a heap."The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Wiffle SO wants to be the cool color beginning from a Calvin & Hobbes anthology. But it's... not. The art is cute and all, and the idea of a dark faux-kid's book is always a welcome one, but the writing isn't very clever, letting the cartoons do most of the work. The ending is a cheap, surprisingly obvious gag, and while the whole "stop reading now if you want a happy ending" conceit sounds neat, it fails when the second fake ending comes a page too soon.But maybe that's a production error because there is also a terribly obvious typo that I can't believe no one caught. "The princess was sore wounded"? That's a typo, right? This book has about 150 words. How did everyone miss that one? (In the comments, another reader pointed out that this is an example of antiquated phrasing. Which... I guess. It does indeed show up on Google Books searches of ye olde books, though most matches are poems or the bible. But it seems like a typo even if it isn't, because pretty much none of the rest of the book is written in flowery or antiquated phrasing, which is yet more evidence of the fact that the text seems tossed off.)I'm hoping my "limited run" copy manages to be worth what I paid for it some day. Unamused. Grumpy, even.