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The Time Machine Did It - John Swartzwelder John Swartzwelder has written a zillion episodes of The Simpsons, and I'm guessing he's the guy who came up with the gag that Mr. Burns is always making ancient cultural references like "Idlewild Airport" and "Amalgamated Spats," because this entire book is in that vein: a bunch of little gags that are almost funny, but they probably aren't going to make you laugh.Roughly every other sentence includes a pun or a zinger but I can't say I found any of them... funny. Sort of lightly amusing, maybe, but otherwise I didn't really get interested in the plot part of this time travel story (which is fine, since Swartzwelder doesn't seem that interested in the plot either). Maybe it's me, maybe my brain has bad comic timing. But I like him better as a TV writer. Because it is self-published (in a fancy way, but still) this book is hard to find used and not really worth $16 on Amazon. I read it in about 90 minutes, but luckily I was able to track down a library copy.