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The Ask - Sam Lipsyte When you try to be cute by writing a book with a detestable protagonist and include dialogue exchanges like this:"I'm not very likable, am I?""You're likable enough.""No, I mean, if I were the protagonist of a book or a movie, it would be hard to like me, to identify with me, right?""I would never read a book like that, Milo. I can't think of anyone who would. There's no reason for it."...then you probably should make sure the reader isn't going to agree with you. And though this is a well-written book, loaded with barbed humor (though it only made me laugh about twice), it doesn't really provide much payoff for spending 300 pages with a miserable misanthrope of a narrator. It hits all the middle age malaise bases: unfulfilled ambitions, unhappy marriage, befuddled parenthood, strained family relationships, vulgar sexual content. It also ends pretty much exactly how you'd expect, in just about the most downbeat manner possible. It's an ugly book, only fitfully amusing, engaging but wearing, ultimately probably not worth the effort. Unless you want to read another book that boils down to, "doesn't the world kinda suck?"