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Shades of Grey: A Novel - Jasper Fforde I've been on a dystopian kick over the last several months, and it was interesting to read this one so soon after Brave New World; Jasper Fforde offers up some similar ideas but approaches the concept of a totalitarian future society from the same skewed perspective he brought to the Thursday Next series. That said, I didn't always find this a fun read. I might blame it on fatigue, but I found the first half of this one really slow going. It takes Fforde a long time to set up his world, slowly revealing how the different colors people see influences their standing in society and the way the government functions as a whole. After 200 pages of largely plotless world-building, I was begging for some lazy, blatant exposition, if only to get the story moving.The plot finally does kick in, and the last 100 pages or so provide a pretty satisfying setup for the two sequels advertised on the last page, and I expect those books will go a lot more smoothly with the heavy lifting out of the way.