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Something Missing - Matthew Dicks This is a book written from the POV of a man with OCD, so it's not surprisingly that it's a bit obsessively detailed. And while I love the fantastic premise -- a careful thief spends months and years researching, burglarizing and re-burglarizing his "clients" so they never even notice anything has been stolen -- spending time with Martin, who can't make a simple decision without reviewing all his options in meticulous detail, can get a little tiring. Matthew Dicks writes as if he's got OCD himself, bringing you into Martin's world, resulting in some very funny scenes and tense moments of suspense, but his obsessive personality is also a bit distancing. I also found the second, plot-heavy half of the book a bit less satisfying than the set-up. It's a fun, fast read, but it might make you feel a little crazy.